Leverage your Strengths

Workshops are a fantastic way to address specific challenges or growth areas for your team. With focused content, interactive activities and individual reflection, your workshop will help you understand and leverage your strengths, identify and expand positive behaviors, and learn new skills to drive performance. Our most popular workshops include: strategic communication, high performing teams, leadership edge, peak performance, performance management and coaching for performance. Looking for a topic you don’t see? We are happy to work with you to personalize one of our sample workshops or create one unique to you.

Sample Workshops

G3 can create the perfect program for your organization or tailor one of the following workshops to meet your goals.

The Art of

How we communicate directly affects our relationships. Every person has a unique style and understanding yours is key to developing strong connections. Dive into verbal and non-verbal communication as well as listening skills to understand how to best communicate with others.


What is a courageous conversation and why are they so important? How does vulnerability, preparedness, and leadership play a role? Investigating the role of courage in our daily conversations is key to having healthy personal relationships and professional interactions.

Bridging the
Generation Gap

Every generation has their own unique set of traits that influence how we interact. Gaining insight into how each generation was modeled and raised, as well as common characteristics, can help bridge gaps that often form between generations. Acquire skills for working together.

How to Shape
Your Narrative

We all have a story and being able to understand it, tell it, and grow from it is a powerful skill. Not feeling comfortable enough to tell your story can hinder happiness and success both personally and professionally. Learning how to shape your own narrative is empowering and important!

Tame Your
Inner Critic

Everyone has a gremlin. It’s that voice inside of each of us that tells us who we ought to be and how we ought to feel that often limits the discovery of our true potential. Through discussion, explore tools to free yourself from self-defeating behaviors and beliefs and learn to tame your inner gremlin.

Claim Your Why

Uncover and understand the values that drive you. Whether it’s dealing with interpersonal conflicts, career choices, or confidential issues, it’s time to get in touch with your personal and professional values. Learn to identify what is important to you and why it’s essential in realizing your goals.

The Power of No

Oftentimes saying no is much harder than saying yes. Why do we feel guilty for saying no? Why do we say yes when we should say no? Examining the social pressure surrounding the word “no” is key to understanding its power, creating safe habits, and developing the courage to use it.


In order to grow and lead you must accept the invitation to be vulnerable. What is the importance of vulnerability and why can it be a roadblock? How are women and men different in their potential for vulnerability and empathy? Engage with your vulnerability and develop emotional skills.

Claim Your Voice

Speak up, speak out. What are you saying and why are you saying it is just as important as how you are saying it. Claiming your own voice is more important now than ever. Learning to grow into your voice and learning to speak up is crucial to having what you to say be understood and well received.

Happiness vs Inspiration

How do you feel when you are happy vs inspired? What is the difference and how do we find deep joy versus fleeting happiness? Discover how to examine and channel your inspiration and turn that energy towards finding happiness.

Tools for Healthy Living

Taking care of yourself is essential. It’s important to find your perfect recipe for nutrition, sleep, and staying active. We all face the growing detriment of stress, disengaging, and over-working so take a step back and develop daily habits that support healthy living.

Leadership Excellence

What makes a leader? What makes you follow certain leaders and not others? When are you a leader and a follower? You don’t always have to be the leader but it’s beneficial to strengthen those muscles, grow your leadership abilities, and motivate others to do the same.


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