Weโ€™re Michelle and Piper and we know the power of living purpose-driven lives. Our goal is to create opportunities for others to leverage their best to find their own power and authentic purpose. Our programs encompass business, personal growth, health, and wellbeing and we take full advantage of the bounty that Sonoma Valley offers to deliver unique and engaging experiences. We both bring a little something different to the team, but we attribute our success to the magic that is created by combining our very different strengths with our very similar values and ideals. We are proud of the partnership and true friendship that fuel our work every day.

While we now focus mainly on corporate team building, coaching, and leadership training, G3 began in 2014 to provide a forum for women to gather in authentic community, grow through shared experience and self-reflection, and go forth empowered and encouraged to lead a fulfilled life. Weโ€™ve hosted eight womenโ€™s conferences, a womenโ€™s retreat, monthly Speaker Series, and multiple G3 Girls events. We still love empowering women and girls, and we also love what happens when these same basic principles are applied in a corporate setting to inspire and engage individuals and teams to perform at their highest level.



Michelle is a passionate advocate for helping people integrate health and vitality in their personal and professional endeavors. Her professional experience ranges from corporate recruiting and training to the food and beverage industry. Expertise in sales, networking, management, hospitality, and wellness has allowed Michelle to develop a holistic approach to the demands many women face. She is gifted at attracting cooperation and uncovering talent through teamwork. She has lived and studied extensively in France and Italy and has a degree in International Business. As a G3 Founder, Michelle utilizes her talents to support women in cultivating healthy, balanced lifestyles. Michelle lives in Sonoma with her two daughters. She can be seen cruising around town on her bicycle and enjoying life.



Piper is an Organizational Development Consultant and Executive Coach who partners with individuals and teams to leverage potential and create high performing, sustainable results. With an impassioned, creative, and motivating style, Piper has an extensive record leading others to maximize performance, exceed expectations, and achieve great levels of success. Piper has worked with Fortune 500 companies, small business executives, young adults, and everybody in between. Piper has a multitude of resources to offer and will focus on Strategic Communication skills at the G3 conference. Piper lives in Sonoma with her husband and three kids. She enjoys being active, drinking great wine, and integrating into the dynamic Sonoma County community.