“Collaborative. Intuitive. Responsive. Caring. Michelle and Piper are both dynamic, inspiring coaches who have helped lead team building and leadership sessions with KRAVE.

They are strategic in their process to help clarify and streamline brainstorming ideas into a clear company mission. They help break down the steps into bite-sized actions so our goals are attainable/sustainable.

I would highly recommend G3 for team building and leadership coaching. Their follow-through is remarkable, as is their steadfast positive attitude. We will continue to work with G3!”

Jordan Parker


“Piper, Melissa, and Michelle are amazing, strong, determined women with such an amazing passion! They held a Strategic Communications Workshop for a large group of employees that didn’t all know each other. It was interactive which is always a plus in a workshop and it really got people to think about themselves and qualities that they felt like exemplified who they were as a person.

After the workshop, I received multiple emails thanking us for bringing G3 into the office and hoping that we can do something similar again in the future. Participants were able to go back to their teams, share their findings, and figure out how their team could effectively communicate with each other moving forward.

I think all types of teams in a corporate environment would highly benefit from the Strategic Communication Workshop!”

Lauren Elmets
San Francisco Chapter Chair


“Pangloss Cellars had the amazing opportunity to work with G3 to create a motivating and extremely educational team building experience. Their creativity and professionalism resonated with the entire team and we look forward to working with this dynamic team again in the future.”

Susie Richards
Hospitality Manager

Pangloss Cellars

“Working with G3 is always great experience from beginning to end. The G3 team is a willing participant in the planning and promotion of joint efforts, they are flexible and easy to work with in preparation and always deliver strong, meaningful content during the event. Their professionalism and collaborative spirit make them ideal partners on our programming.”

Mark Bodenhamer

Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce

“I’m so impressed with G3! The creative ways they engage everyone and their impressive techniques to connect people–I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I left feeling thought provoked, challenged, inspired and grateful for my time with them. I would wholeheartedly recommend G3 to anyone looking to deepen their connection to themselves or others.”

Allyson Weekes
Co-Founder & Creative Director

Bohemian Highway

“Going into a G3 experience, you know you have certain strengths and qualities, but through the exercises, you really learn how to tap into them and gain invaluable tools that you can then use to garner your greatest personal growth and success. I have made some formidable life changes as a result of the G3 experiences I’ve attended. I tapped into a confidence I forgot I had and learned tools I could use to move my life forward.”

Sallie Moore
Partnerships Manager

Sonoma Valley Education Foundation

“The G3 team was very engaging and helped bring our leadership team closer.”

McClinton Heil
Director of Operations

The Lodge at Sonoma

“The G3 Team provided us with a neutral, constructive language where we can appreciate the differences in our Leadership team’s communication style. This will make a lasting impact and help us to become a high performing team!”

Kaitlyn Tinder
Director of Human Resources

The Lodge at Sonoma


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