Team Building

Transform your Team

We deliver purpose-driven experiences that consider not only the work you’re doing, but the people behind it. Through dynamic activities layered with thoughtful discussion and reflection, we help you cultivate the next level of excellence.

Wine Country provides an amazing backdrop for our work, allowing us to integrate wine, farm-to-table cuisine and the beautiful outdoors into your experience. At the end of the day, we understand that you’re making an investment in your team—we’ll create a program that achieves your goals and has your team walking away feeling connected and refreshed.



What does your team need?

We can deliver customized training on any program to achieve your organization’s goals. Our team can also enhance your next meeting with a stimulating keynote speech designed just for you. G3 is the answer for teams of 3 or 300. Whether you have 90 minutes or multiple days, we can deliver content to fit your team-building agenda designed to engage and excite.



Disc Assessment
Workplace Motivators
Career Planning
Myers Briggs
HDRQ Communication & Leadership Style
Team Effectiveness 360


Creative Expression
Yoga & Movement
Outdoor Exploration
Cooking Classes
Wine Education
Health & Wellness
Team Athletics




When you think about Sonoma Valley, good food and good wine immediately come to mind. This challenge will take your team on an adventure to discover the heart of Sonoma—wineries, historic sites and great places to eat. We’ll break your group into teams, give them a mission and send them off to find the clues they’ll need to complete the challenge. The challenge concludes with an interactive discussion of the experience and how it can apply to your workplace. The Wine Country Challenge will facilitate team building, communication strategy, conflict resolution and trust. This activity is great for teams that want to have some competitive fun while bonding.



This unique experience will put your team in a bottle—a wine bottle. We’ll walk through the steps of making a great bottle of wine while reflecting on the elements that make a great team. Explore, learn and work together while tackling a variety of questions, wine trivia and team challenges. Depending on your group size and objectives, you’ll work together or in teams to create your own wine label—design a logo and slogan, a name for the wine, and develop a marketing plan that will reflect the goals of your group and become the pillar of teamwork back in the workplace.


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