“I signed up for this conference with no expectations or knowledge of the agenda. I felt as if every speaker was talking directly to me! I walked away with a new sense of energy and can’t wait to continue the G3 sessions with my peers and coaches. A must for all women no matter where you are in your lives!”

Kathleen Ball
2015 G3 Women’s Conference Attendee

“G3 is a unique boutique experience, bringing together enriching personal and professional development and infusing it with the best of a girls get away weekend. This was a phenomenal opportunity to learn, grow and expand alongside dynamic women committed to living their best lives. I am so grateful to have participated, I didn’t want it to end!”

Tulasi Adeva Perrin
2015 G3 Women’s Conference Speaker

“I attended the March G3 conference and thought that the caliber of speakers, the depth of women and the inspiration I gained from the experience was incredible. If you are thinking about a career change, need a little life boost, want to get reengage in your career or just meet and listen to motivational women this is a must attend conference.”

Lauren Arnold
Owner of Peak Wellness Retreat
2015 G3 Women’s Conference Attendee

“Thank you all for envisioning, building, manifesting, creating, and leading such a wonderful event!”

Ginette Warwick King
2014 G3 Women’s Conference Attendee

“I attended the most wonderful, inspiring, positive and eye-opening conference at MacArthur Place Hotel. The G3 Sonoma Conference has given me such a boost. I encourage all women to have this 3-day experience. Lots of laughs, lots of connections and outstanding food and wine.”

Adrienne Shubin
Blogger for The Rich Life (On a Budget)
2014 & 2015 G3 Women’s Conference Attendee

“For all of you wishing you were at Oprah’s conference this weekend, let me tell you that you will change your life by attending G3 Sonoma Conference in March 2015. I am still riding high on all I learned about myself and my world at the inaugural conference earlier this week in Sonoma! I give this wonderful event my highest rating!”

Katie Hadrovic
2014 G3 Women’s Conference Attendee

“I went to G3 with personal descriptive words like protective, blocked, ready for a shift. I left with words like authenticity, growth, strength, laughter and connection! Those are such better words! It was a powerful experience, I am so grateful I was able to be a part of!”

Lori Mulligan
2015 G3 Women’s Conference Attendee

“When I came in to the conference the number one thing that I said was I want to find some balance between being a single mother, running two businesses, doing volunteer work with my child’s school and giving myself the personal attention that I deserve…One thing I learned from speaker Portia Jackson was to “practice balance”….meaning that you cannot be in perfect balance when you first try it. So I have been practicing balance ever since and sometimes I get it and sometimes not quite, but at least I am considering it.”

Debra Simpson
2015 G3 Women’s Conference Attendee

“Wow! G3 bowled me over. I attended with a friend thinking I’d spend a nice couple of days at a lovely spa and came away with a renewed enthusiasm for my career and a whole host of new, very supportive friends. I will be back!”

Sandee McCready
2014 & 2015 G3 Women’s Conference Attendee