Piper & Michelle are all about empowering women under all of the different hats we, as women, wear through their exclusive G3 Sonoma Conferences! They also offer girl’s events and team building events for corporations. Their vision is on the horizon, but they are doing the grunt work to make it there.

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Podcast Description

Welcome to the Lemonade Stand! About 25 episodes in, I had a mindset shift…change is good! While my goal was and is to inspire women by sharing other women’s stories of “sucking lemons” moments who had come out the other end by making “sweet lemonade”, I wanted to truly serve you, my tribe and serve my guests as well. Six months in, you will see a shift of the interviews. My goal is to empower you! My goal is to put you in touch with guests who motivate, inspire, humor, and otherwise help plan the next chapter of your life. As women, we need each other! Let the sharing begin!

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