Whether we’re building stronger, more aligned teams, empowering women and girls to develop clarity and confidence, or gathering our community around an inspiring speaker, G3—Gather, Grow and Go—creates experiences featuring thoughtfully curated agendas designed to ignite passion and purpose. At G3, we are committed to you and your team’s ability to navigate this unfolding dynamic by facilitating virtual experiences to help refocus, reset, and reframe. We’re here to help you leverage your best—self, team or organization—from the inside out, in person and virtually.


We deliver purpose-driven experiences that consider not only the work you’re doing, but the people behind it. Through dynamic activities layered with thoughtful discussion and reflection, we offer inspiration, tools and time to cultivate the next level of excellence. Sonoma provides an amazing backdrop for our work, allowing us to integrate wine, farm-to-table cuisine and the beautiful outdoors into your experience. At the end of the day, we understand that you’re making an investment in your group—we’ll create a program that meets your objectives and has your team or clients walking away feeling connected, refreshed and engaged.


We’re big fans of inspiration, so when we come across a speaker, author, filmmaker or a hot topic that gets us excited, we love to create an event to share the love. Our G3 Speaker’s Series brings together experts, entertainers, practitioners and professionals. These events are filled with networking, reflection, enrichment and self-growth. Together we enjoy a great program, interesting people and (of course), lovely local wines.


We’re huge believers in girl power and we love to spend time helping our G3 girls grow in confidence, clarity and leadership. We create experiences for girls (or girls and their moms/trusted females) to escape the noise of adolescence and focus on the things that really matter, empowering them to leave with a heightened awareness of who they are and who they want to become. Investing in young female leadership is just one of the ways that we continue to give back to our community.