2014 โ€” 2017


Seven 3-day conferences held in Sonoma, CA, Vail, CO and Guerneville, CA designed to help women leverage their best from the inside out. We brought together experts, entertainers, practitioners and professionals to create a rich and multilayered event focused on personal growth, professional development, health and wellbeing. Three days of workshops, wellness, reflection, food and wine left attendees with a renewed spirit, a new network of similarly empowered women, and a platform to carry the conversation forward.

2015 โ€” 2016


Three 2-day events that provided girls with the opportunity to explore their skills and strengths while promoting confidence, clarity, and leadership. Through fun and interactive activities, we focused on topics such as body positivity, decision making and friendships. Our goal was to foster a creative space for girls to learn why it is important to be who they are and why the world needs heart-centered leaders. We also launched the G3 Angel program where community members and organizations could sponsor a girl to attend.

2015 โ€” 2017


An 18-part speaker series held in Sonoma, CA to inspire dialogue and connection between women in our community. Whenever we came across a speaker, author, filmmaker or a hot topic that got us excited, we created an event to share the love. These events facilitated opportunities to gather around women who are experts in their field with the goal of promoting networking, reflection, enrichment and self-growth.



A fun and informational luncheon hosted in partnership with the Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce at the Ramekins Culinary School in Sonoma, CA. Featuring a moderated panel of distinguished women, the event was focused on learning from and celebrating women who exemplify leadership. After the Chamber awarded recognition to their 2016 Exemplary Woman Leader honoree, a gourmet lunch including a champagne toast was served, followed by plenty of quality networking.

2016 โ€” 2017


A series of three, 1-day workshops designed to nurture an even stronger relationship between mothers and daughters in a fun, energetic, interactive and creative space. Each workshop focused on communication, relationships, self-worth, body image, confidence and trust; all targeted towards reinforcing the special mother-daughter bond. This program aimed to empower mothers and daughters with the confidence to work together and achieve their dreams.



Facilitated a curated conference in partnership with Wine Women, an organization founded to advance womenโ€™s professional careers in the wine industry. Our co-founders delivered a series of dynamic presentations on strategic communication, prioritizing self-care, leadership presence and leadership excellence. We were honored to design a conference with opportunities for participants to develop and train different skills that will enrich their personal and professional lives.



An 8-part series of virtual engagements, led by women who are experts in their fields, designed to help women cultivate connection in 2021. In an attempt to navigate the collective uncertainty of a new year and embrace virtual reality, we chose to focus on topics such as stress management, balance, goal setting, growth and connection. Our intention was to establish a community of women who are committed to renewing their sense of purpose, realigning with their values and igniting inspiration in their lives.