The third and last of the G3 series for 3 Mondays in September, we are highlighting speakers to the G3 Women’s Conference held every November in beautiful Sonoma, California! Our goal is to meet you there so you can meet all of them in person, but if you can’t make it, you will learn all about these beautiful women, what they are up to, and how you can connect with them on their websites and social media. Today features Amy Kurtz who is a Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Advocate as well as the author of Kicking Sick – she is a doll! Then tune in to a special 4-minute audio of testimonials from last year’s conference…truly inspiring! Can’t wait to see you in November at G3 Sonoma!

1:19 – What is the G3 Sonoma Women’s Conference?
2:57 – Meet Amy Kurtz!
22:58 – G3 Testimonials!