“Writing is like talking on paper. If you are not afraid to speak, you shouldn’t be afraid to write because writing is just another form of speaking.”
Michele Weldon “Writing to Save Your Life”

When was the last time you told a story about your life? Who was your audience? How did you highlight life’s defining moments? Recently, I interviewed my good friend Michele Weldon to offer you a variety of tips to pen your story. Michele mentioned, “Writing is like talking on paper. If you are not afraid to speak, you shouldn’t be afraid to write because writing is just another form of speaking.”

How about you? Are you afraid to speak? I don’t mean just about your business, rather, telling your own story. The story that holds tight to each memorable moment life is made up of. So often, our sense of self rests wholly on our public persona. Our face we feel confident allowing the world to see. Michele suggested start by telling your personal story into a recording device to help the process move along. You are still talking although without an audience. And… writing your story has begun.

Michele Weldon: “It is really important to consider the sanctity of our words and our thoughts. By ignoring them or not allowing them to have life on the page, on a recorder or to exist in the world, we are really denying their validity and capacity to help us understand our own lives, our goals and our dreams. It is really a matter of self-care to honor the words that are in your head and to recognize that it is okay that they are not ordered well or perfect.”

It’s time to ask yourself: What part of my life can I honor right now by giving it life on a piece of paper? Is it a divorce? Have I overcome an illness? Have I lost a spouse or child? Have I been recently fired? Have I lost your financial security? Did I transform a tragedy into a triumph? Did I overcome a fear that has plagued me most of my life?

Michele suggested we understand that we may not be able to change our past or control it, although we are able to craft the narrative of who we are and whom we want to become as a result. Research studies confirm the benefits of writing our stories as helpful steps to be in control of your own story and how we frame what has happened to us. Writing supports our emotional well-being.

Another good way to start is using word ticklers such as the one below. I enjoy using a common theme I find in my day or week. It offers me a place to begin that isn’t wrapped up in my thoughts about the next thing I need to do or place I need to be. The word ticklers create a space for me to get out of auto pilot and move into listening then recording. You will be surprised how much you can learn about yourself when you begin to listen with an intention to hear what it is you have to say. Learn to listen with compassion and curiosity. Take time to understand your story, just as if you were listening to your child or grandchild.

My own grandson Michael gave me the gift to stop, listen and respond as he would tell me a story with the annunciation and vocabulary of a two in a half year old. I would have to really listen to understand what he wanted me to know. He taught me how not to get frustrated with myself as I wait impatiently for words to pen.

The WORD TICKLER is: TRUST. (Ticklers offer you a place to start your story)

As you can see, there are countless ways to start. How will you begin?

Tune in for more tips. Please share. You may have a friend that really needs to write their story.

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