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HAPPY NEW YEAR! This year why not add to your list of resolutions…eat more Lulu’s Chocolate! I’m actually serious, there are so many ways that dark chocolate can bring bliss & health. I’ve been eating 1-3oz per day since 2006! Not only does cacao provide a natural high, boosting your PEA and Anandamide, it is also a health food! Cacao is one of nature’s richest sources of Antioxidants & Minerals. It is also nature’s primary source of Magnesium, making it true Heart Medicine. Magnesium is much needed by the heart as it decreases blood coagulation, lowering blood pressure and helping the heart pump more effectively. So it is actually true that “CHOCOLATE OPENS THE HEART!” Magnesium also helps builds bones and increases brain power, helping to Activate Your Superpowers! Ladies, your intuition is right on (of course) when you want chocolate for moon time. We love it’s hormone balancing effects and natural endorphins. Our wise bodies crave the magnesium boost. Chocolate Yoga? Oh ya! Magnesium increases flexibility and strength. We love it before our morning yoga or any exercise. My daily breakfast is a Midnight Velvet bar!

Did you know about the beauty benefits of dark chocolate? Cacao hydrates your body from the inside out, providing natural moisture to your skin. It can also help you lose weight. What?!? True. Ever notice that cocoa powder is in most weight loss products on the market? This is due to it’s MAO inhibitors, which curb the appetite naturally. It is real food and we think it makes a marvelous meal. Most importantly, chocolate so often makes one smile, which radiates your natural beauty full force.

My mission in the world is clear…to bridge the gap between gourmet & truly healthy. I don’t believe in compromise when it comes to chocolate. I’m a foodie, a chocoholic & a health nut too. I began making chocolate simply because I needed something that would meet my standards. Perhaps I was tapping into collective consciousness because soon enough a business was born of the demand of so many others feeling the way I do. I am beyond grateful to YOU for supporting this delicious dream. From the bottom of my heart I wish you a New Year filled with delight, laughter, love…and so much Lulu’s Chocolate!

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