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i have been carrying you.

through the insecurities and self doubt.

through the not knowing.

through the trauma and rage.

through the heart break and soul ache.

through the desire to hide and make it all go away.

woman, i have been carrying you.

through the abuse.

through the violence.

through the pain.

through the shame.

oh the shame…

and carrying still

through the pervasive suffering,

and the longing for change.

know that you have been held woman,

in your vulnerability,

in your bold self expression,

in your untamed passion,

in your endless tears,

in your lonely fears,

in your dissatisfaction,

in your sweet release.

I have carried you even when you thought you were walking alone.

especially then,

I held you a little tighter.

praying for you to remember the magnificence.

of being.

because woman, you are carried…

on the wings of angels.

on the tides of time.

on the mysteries of ancient wisdom.

on the sacred river of Red that flows through your veins.

woman YOU are CARRIED.

by your courage,

by your faith,

by your visions of beauty,

by your compassionate grace,

by your willingness to feel,

by your capacity to heal,

by your rich dreams and ability to believe,

by your profound capacity to receive.

woman you are held, through all this and more.

through the cycles and seasons.

through all the emotional waves.

through all the wild days.

woman you are held.

…in reclaiming your intuition.

…in remembering the song that only you can sing.

…in walking through the fires of your own initiation.

woman. oh sweet woman.

should you ever forget,

lean back into your body.

feel the drum of your heart.

hear it pulse you deeper.

breath in the sky, open your eyes,

and dance with me.

i am everywhere.

i am in love with you.

and i will never let you go.

your brilliance, it’s full spectrum of expression, is essential.

Tulasi Perrin

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