The Sonoma based conference series, G3, has been changing women’s lives since November 2014. Focused on providing a rich, multilayered experience, the founders, Piper and Michelle, are dedicated to bringing in speakers and planning sessions that speak directly to every aspect of a woman’s multidimensional life – from her inner, spiritual self to her busy, productive self, to her health and well being.

When Piper and Michelle first met to talk about the conference in April of 2014, they had a big idea – use Sonoma as a backdrop for women to come together, featuring a set of speakers presented in a unique fashion. Coining the retreat “G3” which stands for gather, grow, and go, the duo opted to use healthy living as the common denominator for every activity. Their goal for G3 was to combine creativity, writing, speaking, and all of a woman’s senses into a single experience in hopes that the attendees would be challenged to take charge of who they are, what they need, and where they’re going
Michelle and Piper recognized that as women, we wear so many different hats, and experience different opportunities, yet those opportunities are often singular focused, they aimed to combine multiple experiences into events and activities to inspire and recharge women of all ages.

“We really didn’t know who this would attract, the ages have been from 27 to 78, and everything in between. Usually, it’s the woman who wants to take more time for herself and slow down, realizing that she matters, and that she needs to go inward a little bit.”
When Piper and Michelle first planned the conference, they were unaware of how much of an impact it would have on the attendees. Piper reflects that the biggest reward has been seeing how many women have come to the conference and flourished; reemerging as a new woman after the 2.5 days, completely re-inspired.

“The experience of the whole thing is incredible, from sharing, networking, wine, stories, to fun, it all allows for women to leave feeling fulfilled. We’ve had women start businesses together, form groups, and life long friendships. It’s great to see attendees leave and take it to the next level. It’s also amazing to see what women think they want to hear, and what they actually respond to. It is a real lesson in life to stay open minded and open hearted, appreciating the gifts that sometimes come our way when we’re not really looking for them.”
Since the conference is such a unique experience for every woman that attends, it’s hard to describe it in a single sentence. The founding women have faced the challenge of communicating exactly what G3 is, but once someone has the opportunity to attend, she will always want to come back for more, usually bringing a close friend to share the journey with her.

“What’s really cool about G3, you see slowly but surely, the walls come down, and everyone realizes that we’re all in this together, that we’ve all have been hurt, and that women are more powerful together. As the days go on, and each speaker talks, the vulnerability meters start coming down, it’s incredibly powerful, and you walk away realizing there’s magic to be had if we all walk together.”
G3 is gearing up for their November conference, and they have been generous enough to offer A Savvy Lifestyle readers $100 off the ticket price! If you aren’t able to attend the November conference, G3 also offers a monthly speaker series “Wisdom, Women, and Wine” to continue self-growth outside of the conference. Additionally, G3 now offers teen girl weekends, which provide young girls the confidence to carry them through the transition into adulthood by fostering the development of leadership skills and personal power. For dates and more detailed information, head to the G3 website!

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