We are excited to invite you submit a proposal for our upcoming +G3 event!

We are so excited to be presenting another G3 Conference coming up in November 2016. Our last 5 events have gathered many many women open, ready and excited to have fun, GROW and GO out into the world to share what they have learned (check out some of participant testimonials here). Offering participants dynamic speakers, workshops, networking, nutrition, and exercise, these three days offer women inspiration, tools and connections, whether they are looking to reflect and rejuvenate, or to redefine and reinvent their life or some part of it. Our goal is to have participants walk away from this experience with a heightened awareness of who they are and who they want to commit to becoming both personally and professionally while feeling refreshed from great food, wine, conversation and company!

G3 – Gather, Grow, and Go – is a conference for any woman, of any age, at any stage of life. We are looking to put together a unique group of speakers and contributors, as well as activities and fun that focus on health, wellness and well-being. Please share your ideas of what you could speak about to add to the dynamic offering of the upcoming +G3 experience!